Battle-Ready Prayer Warriors Urgently Needed!

In this article, you will find free prayer resources for the International Days of Prayer (IDOP). In addition, you will find tangible ways to support the persecuted church during Suffering Church Action Week, and all year long.

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by William L. Nowell
Prayer Warrior

For millions of Christians entangled in the web of persecution, every day is a struggle for survival. Yet, there is something you can do to help them. It is something that everyone can do. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, etc, we can all pray.

But have you ever felt that your prayers don't matter? If you believe that they have no practical value, then consider the apostle Paul's perspective on prayer. Knowing the value of prayer, he requested it for himself and for his companions. But more importantly, he received help through the prayers of many saints. And we know this since in 2 Corinthians 1:11 Paul says, "You also must help us by prayer ... through the prayers of many."

Paul echoes the same sentiment once more in 2 Thessalonians 3:1-2. Again we find him relying on the prayers of the saints, this time for deliverance from wicked and evil men. Similarly, in Romans 15:30-31 we see Paul once again depending on prayer for deliverance from unbelievers. Without a doubt, Paul believed in the power and practical value of the prayers of the Lord's people.

1 Tim 2:1-2

Today, rampant persecution of Christians is the norm in more than 50 countries. In many of those countries, Christians regularly experience discrimination and harassment, physical violence, imprisonment, torture, and even murder. These brothers and sisters in Christ desperately need deliverance from unbelievers and from wicked and evil men. Clearly, they need our prayers and the help that flows from them.

Furthermore, Hebrews 13:3 tells us to remember the persecuted, but it does not tell us how to remember them. Since Hebrews 13:3 is somewhat open-ended, we must decide for ourselves how to remember the persecuted. And so, I suggest that a way to remember the persecuted is by first putting on the whole armor of God. (Ephesians 6:11, 2 Corinthians 10:4) This in turn naturally leads us to “lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily entangles us.” (Hebrews 12:1) In addition, we must pray with persistence (Ephesians 6:18), all the while not forgetting that the prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective. (James 5:16) So are you a battle-ready prayer warrior, fully equipped to stand in the gap between persecuted Believers and the schemes of the devil?

Prayer Resources

booklet cover
  • Download a copy of Open Doors' 2018 World Watch List . In the WWL, you will find profiles of top 50 nations where it is most dangerous to live as a Christian.
  • Request a free copy of the booklet, “Praying for the Persecuted Church ” from Barnabas Aid. This booklet contains information on 39 countries and eight other areas of need for the persecuted Church.
  • Visit I Commit to Pray . They are a place to gather and pray for the persecuted church. There you can read prayer requests from around the world. And you can post your own prayers specifically for your brothers and sisters who are victims of persecution.

Also, it is important to stay prayerfully aware of the current needs of the suffering church. But to do that you need up-to-date information. So, to better focus your prayers get the latest news and updates from reporting sources such as the following.

  • World Watch Monitor reports the story of Christians around the world under pressure for their faith. They are particularly concerned with reporting on the underlying causes of persecution.
  • Morningstar News is an independent news service that focuses exclusively on the persecution of Christians.

More Free Resources

  • Barnabas Aid magazine : A bi-monthly magazine that includes news and features on the persecuted Church. Also contains updates on projects they are supporting. Plus, it comes with Barnabas Prayer , a daily prayer guide that you can use in your prayers for our suffering/persecuted brothers and sisters.
  • The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter : Contains testimonies of Christians persecuted for their faith. You will also learn how to pray for them and discover practical ways to get involved in helping our persecuted family.
  • ICC's Persecution magazine : Stories of brothers and sisters who face the constant threat of harassment and violence, yet stand fast in Christ.

Suffering Church Action Week (SCAW)

Galations 6:10

Suffering Church Action Week is the eight-day period running from November 4 to November 11. Beginning and ending on the International Days of Prayer, SCAW is a time for us to stand with our Christian family through tangible support. Today, millions of Christians in more than 50 countries regularly suffer from varying degrees of persecution. In addition to prayers, they also need our tangible support.

For example, did you know that in Nigeria Islamic fanatics have forced hundreds of thousands of Christian farmers off their land? In response, International Christian Concern (ICC) has launched 10 farming projects. Each communal farm will feed roughly 500 Christians. This is in addition to providing employment for Christian farmers displaced by violence. As of this writing, the project is almost fully funded. And with your help, International Christian Concern will reach its' goal. To contribute to this worthy cause, go to Nigeria's Christians in Crisis and click the donate button.

For more on this crisis, see the news article Nigerian farmers are under attack, so why don't we hear about it?

Ways You Can Help

Tangible support comes in many forms. Of course one can make financial donations, but have you considered writing letters of encouragement? A simple letter of encouragement can bring hope and strength to those who are suffering for their faith and feel forgotten. Also, never underestimate the impact of letters to foreign ambassadors. Part of an ambassador's job is to explain and relay concerns between countries.

Furthermore, the simple act of signing a petition makes you a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Petitions can place pressure on governments by letting them know the world is watching. And yes, even though signing petitions takes very little time and costs nothing, they are effective.

pen in hand


Be an advocate for those who cannot stand up for themselves by signing each of these petitions.

Letters of Encouragement

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift... is to encourage, then give encouragement”. (Romans 12:6, 8)

giving encouragement

Are you a modern day Barnabas—a "son of encouragement"(Acts 4:36)? If you, like Barnabas, have the gift of encouragement, then use your gift to comfort and give hope to persecuted Believers. For letter writing guides and contact information visit the following websites.

Financial Support

Boots on the ground organizations such as Barnabas Aid seeks to identify and respond to the latest needs of Christians around the world. Visit the latest needs and appeals page of Barnabas Aid to contribute to any of their current initiatives.

Another organization that exists to serve Christians worldwide who suffer because of their faith in Christ is The Voice of the Martyrs . They provide Bibles, food and water, emergency medical care, and much more. Also serving both the physical and spiritual needs of persecuted Christians is Open Doors . Similarly, the aforementioned International Christian Concern is on a mission to help persecuted Christians.

Military Armor of God

And then there's Christian Freedom International (CFI). They too provide services similar to the other groups mentioned here. However, they have a unique way of providing jobs for the persecuted. CFI trains persecuted Christians to make marketable products so they can support themselves. You purchase from the CFI store provides direct income for these persecuted Christians.

Next Steps

So what more can you do to support persecuted Christians? First, don't limit yourself to the suggestions given above. Instead, be creative in using all your resources. Use all your unique skills, knowledge, and abilities to advocate for and support our suffering family in the Lord.

Do you want to learn still more about the worldwide plight of persecuted Christians and what you can do to help them? Then read my previous articles for IDOP and other related topics.

One Final Thought

In the midst of all the darkness of persecution, there is a silver lining. That is in the end, those who remain faithful, even to the point of death, will one day receive the victor's crown of eternal life.

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